CASUAL Diabetic Sock with Cupron® Copper Technology

Cupron Enhance Copper

Skin Enhancement - Health & Appearance
The socks’ inner fibers enhanced with Cupron Copper Technology release millions of copper ions (Cu+/Cu++) that help improve the skin in health and appearance.  Clinically proven Cupron Copper provides documented performance for a wide range of applications. When worn regularly against the skin, Cupron Copper has been shown to improve skin elasticity, flexibility, suppleness and softness as well as appearance in tone and texture.

When it comes to protecting your skin and feet, we did not take shortcuts.  The entire inside of our CASUAL Diabetic socks use fibers enhanced with Cupron Copper Technology.

Active Odor Control

Cupron Copper Technology inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria, helping keep socks odor-free.
Cupron Copper inhibits fungal and yeast growth in socks and helps socks resist deterioration from mold and mildew.

Copper Oxide Powder
Copper Oxide Powder

Active Ingredient = Copper Oxide (Cu2O)
The copper oxide active ingredient is responsible for the fibers’ copper color.  The copper oxide is not a surface coating; its particles are embedded throughout the drymax fibers and will not wash out or wear out, providing you with their many benefits for the life of the socks.

NOTE: To receive the full benefits, you need to wear socks enhanced with Cupron Copper Technology for 10+ hours a day.


Cupron Copper Technology has been independently tested in laboratory settings against generally accepted clinical test protocols, using standard test conditions.  Under these conditions, Cupron Technology is consistently found to be non-toxic and non-irritating to skin, with no adverse events reported. There are no toxicity issues because the body metabolizes copper very well.

Copper oxide is the basis for Cupron Technology and is made from recycled copper.  When Cupron Copper Technology is integrated into textile fibers it is typically non-leaching or minimally leaching so it has no negative environmental impact.  The copper does not oxidize and protection is permanent.

Cupron Copper Technology has met the EPA’s criteria to make the Public Health Claim of killing the Athlete’s Foot Fungi in socks.

The Wonderful Attributes of Copper

Copper as an Antimicrobial

Copper’s Use in Medicine Throughout History
Copper (Cu) has been used for its health, wellness, and antimicrobial properties for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans.

Our Bodies Require Daily Doses of Copper
Copper is an essential nutrient for the human body.  We need small quantities of copper on a daily basis to maintain good health.  Copper is used by the body in ways we know and in many ways we don’t yet fully understand.  Some of what we know is that copper helps keep bones, nerves, skin, hair, and blood vessels healthy.

Where We Normally Get the Copper We Need
Copper is found naturally in many foods we eat, like fish, shellfish, meats, vegetables, grains, seeds and dark chocolate as well as from multi-vitamins like ONE A DAY® or Centrum®.

Copper is Needed for Healthy Skin
With age, skin undergoes changes due to a reduction of elastin and collagen production.  Skin loses its elasticity, flexibility, thickness, softness, tone, texture and moisture content.  Medical research and clinical testing indicate copper’s role in stimulating the production of elastin, collagen and other key proteins that help stabilize skin layers and improve skin health, appearance and texture.

Copper is Used in Wound Healing
Copper helps promote healing of sores and wounds because it binds amino acids and helps create collagen. 

Copper is Used as an Antimicrobial
Copper is known for its ability to kill many species of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew and viruses.

The above information about the Wonderful Attributes of Copper is not intended to imply any specific medical claims for our products.