Sock Care Instructions

How To Make All Your Socks Last Longer

First, to prevent toenails from cutting holes in socks, trim toenails straight across, never too short and carefully file them smooth.

Socks are designed to resist wear and tear when worn with shoes so always wear shoes with socks, and they will last longer. Knit socks are more delicate than woven clothing like pants or shirts. Socks are susceptible to snagging, frictional pilling (fuzz balls) and unraveling in the washer & dryer.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - How to Protect Your Socks in the Laundry
Wash socks after each use. Use mild scent/color free detergent and no fabric softeners or chlorine bleach. Machine wash in a short/gentle cycle, (cool/warm) with like colors. Tumble dry low heat. Never iron socks. To further extend their life, wash socks in a delicate-item laundry bag in the washer.

Fragrance Free / Color Free Laundry Detergents
A good recommendation for diabetics

Fragrance Free / Color Free Laundry Detergents

There are many available fragrance free and color free laundry detergents:

All, Tide, Arm & Hammer, Aspen, Branch Basics, Earth Breeze, Tru Earth, Seventh Generation, Persil, Tangent GC, dropps, Ecos, Method, up&up Target brand, Biokleen, Ultra Purex, planet, Solimo Amazon brand, Kirkland Signature (Costco).