Active Diabetic Sock


To provide a new level of protection and comfort for vulnerable diabetic feet, we utilize advanced technologies and designs creating a new class of diabetic socks.

Inside Out Sock

AVAL Diabetic socks are designed from the inside out because what is next to the skin matters most. Turn our socks inside out to see and feel what we are talking about. Our soft stretch non-constricting leg encourages circulation and does not dig into the leg. The seamless toe is smooth inside with dense protective padding. These features all work together to provide an extremely comfortable sock.

drymax FIber Technology
We use drymax fiber technology for the entire foot, providing a drier, more healthful environment for the skin and toenails. Eliminating moisture reduces friction and maintains the skin’s tensile strength, helping prevent blisters and skin tears. When it comes to keeping your feet dry, toss out your old, ineffective cotton or wicking fiber socks and wear our ACTIVE Diabetic socks. No socks have proven to keep feet drier than socks made with drymax fiber technology!

Drymax Blister Protection System

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Cupron® Copper Technology

We enhanced our drymax fibers with very special Cupron Copper Technology. Cupron Copper has been shown to improve skin elasticity, flexibility, suppleness and softness as well as its appearance in tone and texture simply by wearing the socks. Cupron Copper inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria, helping keep socks odor-free.

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Seamless Toe

In addition to the seamless toe, we provide even more protection by placing terry loop padding on both sides of the seamless toe.

Size Mark

If there is another Diabetic in your household your socks might get mixed up in the laundry. To help avoid wearing the wrong size sock, we include a visual Size Mark on the inside of the sock leg.

Sock Name

We make several Diabetic socks which look similar. Each sock is designed to be worn for a different purpose. To help you wear the appropriate sock, the ACTIVE sock name is inside the sock leg.

Our socks achieve the best fit because they were developed on special 3-D foot-shaped models which accurately represent the human foot, as opposed to the 2-D industry standard.

The light hold arch band helps sock stay in place and not roll, bunch or wrinkle on the foot.

Dense Protective Padding

Dense padding reduces pressure under the heel, arch, forefoot and toes. Pressure reduction provides comfort and protection during walking and exercising. Dense padding protects feet without adversely affecting shoe fit.

Dense Padding higher up on the back of the sock protects the tendon area of the leg. This feature works well with extra-depth Diabetic shoes.

Ultra-Wide Stretch Sock

Easy to stretch fabric leaves little if any marks on the skin. Wide opening leg encourages circulation without sock sliding down.